— Promocional Video of the Carbon Ring, from Mood Collection


Carbon is one of the few elements known since antiquity, used by humans in multiple forms. Because of its strength and lightness, MOOD RINGS tried to express the artistic vein of this element in a unique and attractive way, and they succeeded.

With this ring, this new collection, forged with great physical and artistic effort, wants to give  a new page to jewelry fashion, characterize by them in the NEW GENERATION OF CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY. 
The name says it all.
It seems that the ring asked from this element witch was his mood, and Carbon replied Excellence and Beauty! And we heard, and we did our best to maintain those levels of excellence, as it also was our mood too to do this work.


Mood Collection


Shot in studio (Castelo Branco); Model: Diana Nunes; 2015


Mood Collection is a Swiss Brand with 10 years., currently growing up and winning fans all over the world. The brand decided it was time to make a Digital Video Campaign, to promote the mood ring, using channels like Youtube Publicity, Instagram and Facebook. This video was distribute in all these channels, directed to female public, and promoting the general concept of the product – an interchangeable ring with thousands of possibilities how we demonstrate. It reaches the 30.000 visualizations on Instagram. 


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