You’ll seriously say OH MY GOD if you’d see this track! No matter where it is, how far it goes and difficult it seems, i bet you’ll pray for it!
OH MY GOD is a 100 kms journey through Serra da Estrela, the second biggest mountain in Portugal with 1993 meters of height, where the human body is put to the limit in windy, cold weather and rough air conditions. Other than being extremely arduous, if you see the athletes face’s expressions, you wont think that! They know it’s hard, but still they go further, with the spirit of conquer, not failure nor pain!  Looking closer you’ll see faces of joy, you’ll see the strength they have to gain to do it witch is incredible!
It’s time to say OH MY GOD to the people  who had the courage to do it. OH MY GOD to the organization (aqui não sei se funciona melhor dizer institution, comunity ou association, nao sei) “Horizontes” for doing this and in a humble way, OH MY GOD to us, as it wasn’t an easy image capture, film edition and to get the video the power to transmit you a real, faithful feeling about what this event represents.
In a way, we also had to become some kind of “athletes” to keep up with these amazing competitors.


CLIENT: Horizontes (Sport Tourism)

PRODUCED: shoot in Serra da Estrela, 2015

CONTEXT: Oh My God was born in 2011 in Manteigas. This was the first race with trail running 100kms in Portugal and the first organization of Horizontes in the sport. It’s a massive track in many ways, because of the weather, distance, terrain, etc. On the other hand, has brutal landscapes and promises a long journey of achievement and exceptional self-realization through this region with such a special and particular character. This video was produced to promoting the proof in digital channels. See also the aftermovie here.

“This video reports this journey and the difficulties and victories achieved by the participants, with documental and promotional intentions.”

Website: ► www.ohmeudeus.com/

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