— “Herdade da Urgueira” Promocional video


This work was made for Herdade da Urgueira where nature remain simple and takes prominence, where it is possible to have experiences of leisure in OlivoTurismo, hunting and fishing, promoting the culture and the amazing region traditions. A place of meeting, as they say, and right they are! We tried to capture the essence of it, the decor, the environment, the lovely sotories told. But they can only be felt in Herdade da Urgueira. We keep it simple but meaningfull, because it is important for us to work with or for great projects like this one, for both the development and the maintenance of a unique place such as these regions, that get a little lost with mankind evolution. It´s definitly a “Place of Meeting”.



Herdade da Urgueira


Shoot in Castelo Branco and Vila Velha, 2015


Located near of Perais (Vila Velha) Herdade da Urgueira hold an area of ​​620 hectares. Implanted numa area with strong agricultural vocation , AND FOR dominated land Very fertile , served FOR Abundant Water Lines. One seeks to be Herdade da Urgueira A reference sites not olivoturismo in Portugal , working there at the same pace paragraph sustainability of the territory. We invest in quality tourism , which respects nature and the human being. The Urgueira the Estate offers recreational experiences in the theme to olivoturismo , promoting the culture and traditions as Region. O objetivo do video é promover as atividades e experiências que a Herdade e a região onde está inserida oferecem, acima do próprio empreendimento.



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